Jungle Animals Cakes

Animal Theme Birthday Cake

AED 370 Ex Tax: AED 370

Animal Theme Birthday Cake in round shape, Green and brown color combination...

Animal Theme Cake

AED 570 Ex Tax: AED 570

Animal Theme Cake, 2 layered cake lion, monkey, elephant are designed on top of the cake...

Dragon Cake

AED 345 Ex Tax: AED 345

Dragon Cake in round shape, Dragon sitting on top of the cake...

Giraffe Cake

AED 300 Ex Tax: AED 300

Giraffe cake in round shape, giraffe design on top of the cake...

Jungle Animal Cake

AED 420 Ex Tax: AED 420

Jungle Animal Cake in rectangle shape, some animals on top of the cake...

Ox Cake

AED 670 Ex Tax: AED 670

Ox cake in round shape..

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