Elmo Cakes

Custommade Elmo Cake

AED 175 Ex Tax: AED 175

Round shape Custommade Elmo Cake, its nice decoration on top of the cake...

Elmo Birthday Cake

AED 250 Ex Tax: AED 250

Elmo Birthday Cake in round shape, awesome elmo design with ballons on top of the cake...

Elmo Cake Fondant

AED 235 Ex Tax: AED 235

Elmo Cake Fondant in round shape, nice designing on top of the cake...

Elmo Face Cake

AED 245 Ex Tax: AED 245

Elmo Face Cake in round shape, elmo face design on top of the cake...

Elmo Layer Cake

AED 485 Ex Tax: AED 485

Elmo Layer Cake in red and yellow color combination, 2 layered elmo cake and 1 designed on top ..

Simple Elmo Cake

AED 240 Ex Tax: AED 240

Simple Elmo Cake in round shape with Red and White color combination on that cake...

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