All Kid's Cakes

Ox Cake

AED 670 Ex Tax: AED 670

Ox cake in round shape..

Paw Patrol Theme Cake

AED 230 Ex Tax: AED 230

This Paw Patrol Theme Cake is Blue colored,  on top a paw patrol logo is printed...

Pets Animal Cake

AED 395 Ex Tax: AED 395

Its Green colored cake in that small flowers and pets and animal arranged on top of the cake...

Photo Lotus Cake

AED 180 Ex Tax: AED 180

This is called Biscuit or and Lotus cake with photo print over it.It is so delicious cake with decor..

Pink & Gold Unicorn Cake

AED 290 Ex Tax: AED 290

Amazing Pink & Gold Unicorn Cake in attractive design...

Pinkie Pie My Little Pony Cake

AED 350 Ex Tax: AED 350

Pinkie Pie My Little Pony Cake in rectangle shape, white and pink color combination cake...

Pretty Princess Cake

AED 310 Ex Tax: AED 310

This white and Blue combination Princes theme cake is very attractive one. The princess doll over th..

Princess Crown Cake

AED 310 Ex Tax: AED 310

This is Princess Crown Cake with a light pink color and gold color decorations...

Princess Layer Cake

AED 550 Ex Tax: AED 550

This two layer princess cake is specially made for baby girls...

Princess Photo Cake

AED 290 Ex Tax: AED 290

This is pink colored photo cake, in it the princess hair is an highlight. It is a cream design ..

Princess Theme Cake

AED 250 Ex Tax: AED 250

This Princess Theme Cake is very simple and this cream cake with small decoration in gold color on t..

Puppy Cake

AED 425 Ex Tax: AED 425

4 puppy sitting on top of the cake, its very nice design cake...

Rainbow My Little Pony Cake

AED 345 Ex Tax: AED 345

Rainbow My Little Pony Cake comes with purple color theme with rainbow design on top. ..

Round Barbie Cake

AED 185 Ex Tax: AED 185

Barbie cake in round shape, Dark maroon color and black color combination in this cake...

Simple Batman Cake

AED 375 Ex Tax: AED 375

Yellow Color Simple Batman Cake in round shape..

Simple Elmo Cake

AED 240 Ex Tax: AED 240

Simple Elmo Cake in round shape with Red and White color combination on that cake...

Smurf Birthday Cake

AED 525 Ex Tax: AED 525

Stylish Smurf Birthday Cake in round shape blue and yellow color combination with this cake...

Smurf Characters Cake

AED 450 Ex Tax: AED 450

Greenish colored round cake 2 characters on top of the cake...

Smurf Theme Cake

AED 575 Ex Tax: AED 575

Smurf Theme Cake greenish stylish smurf cake in round shape, smurf characters are decorated on top o..

Spiderman Face Cake

AED 180 Ex Tax: AED 180

Spiderman Face Cake designed in very awesome style..

Spiderman Fondant Cake

AED 149 Ex Tax: AED 149

Very simple and beautiful Spiderman cream Cake in round shape...

Spiderman Layer Cake

AED 525 Ex Tax: AED 525

Spiderman Layer Cake its very special among in spider man cakes...

Spiderman Photo Cake

AED 180 Ex Tax: AED 180

Spiderman Photo Cake..

Spiderman Round Cake

AED 210 Ex Tax: AED 210

Spiderman Round Cake in reddish..

Square Barbie Cake

AED 355 Ex Tax: AED 355

Square Shape Barbie Cake, its nice design cake...

Superhero Batman Cake

AED 530 Ex Tax: AED 530

Superhero Batman Cake in layer, batman and "4" number on top of the cake ..

Two Tier Princess Cake

AED 500 Ex Tax: AED 500

This princess theme cake is two layered and has a crown on top...

Under Sea Creatures Mermaid Tail Cake

AED 575 Ex Tax: AED 575

This is a very beautiful light blue and pink combination cake, designed like fish tail.It is a ..

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