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Classic Chocolate Cake

AED 75 Ex Tax: AED 75

Classic Chocolate Cake in round shape...

Cherry Chocolate Cake

AED 75 Ex Tax: AED 75

Cherry Chocolate cake  in round shape, Its very special in chocolate cakes...

Chocolate Caramel Cake

AED 139 Ex Tax: AED 139

Fans of chocolate and caramel can get the best of both worlds with the delicious chocolate caramel c..

Chocolate Cheesecake

AED 160 Ex Tax: AED 160

Round shaped Chocolate Cheesecake decorated with chocolate syrup on top...

Chocolate Cupcakes

AED 60 Ex Tax: AED 60

These cupcakes have a wonderful chocolate flavor and frosted with a chocolate fudge. This classic ch..

Chocolate Nest Cake

AED 169 Ex Tax: AED 169

Are you a chocolate lover? Or are you looking for a chocolate special cake to gift your lo..

Dark Chocolate Cake

AED 135 Ex Tax: AED 135

Dark Chocolate Cake as a gift for your lovable person..

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

AED 149 Ex Tax: AED 149

Cream designed Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake with chocolate covered on top and cream balls deco..

Easter Nest Cake

AED 169 Ex Tax: AED 169

Let's celebrate your easter day with this amazing chocolate nest cake. Cake size: ..

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Cake and Teddybear Combo Gift

AED 290 Ex Tax: AED 290

This gift combo is included a Butterscotch cake, 2 helium balloons, a small teddy bear and a box of ..

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

AED 79 Ex Tax: AED 79

Its chocolate cake in nice design ..

Kitkat Chocolate Cake

AED 160 Ex Tax: AED 160

Kitkat Chocolate Cake in round shape, its very tasty cake ..

Roses with Teddy Bear, Dairy Milk, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Cake Combo Gift

AED 580 Ex Tax: AED 580

Very good collection of gift combo pack includes 1kg chocolate cake with sliced strawberry on t..

Strawberry Cake Combo Gift

AED 350 Ex Tax: AED 350

This is one of the attractive gift combo pack, which includes a Strawberry cake, two helium bal..

Two Layer Chocolate Cake

AED 345 Ex Tax: AED 345

Two Layer Chocolate Cake with special design..

Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake

AED 145 Ex Tax: AED 145

Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake for your sweet heart..

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