Ramadan Arranmgments

Assorted Chocolate Dates

AED 175 Ex Tax: AED 175

A great flavors of chocolate dates are good source of energy, a perfect Ramadan Gifts Online.Gift fo..

Basbousa Kista

AED 65 Ex Tax: AED 65

Arabic sweet Basbousa Kista great flavors of all occasions especially during the holy month o..

Basbousa Mix

AED 150 Ex Tax: AED 150

A great flavors of Basbousa Mix includes Basbousa Pieces, Basbousa Kista, Basboosa Tamar is the trad..

Basbousa Pieces

AED 50 Ex Tax: AED 50

Gift Abu Dhabi Online offers the best Arabic Sweet in Abu Dhabi. A great flavors of Basbousa Pieces ..

Basbousa Tamar

AED 70 Ex Tax: AED 70

A middle eastern version Basbousa Tamar loaded with dates. This moist, spongy Arabic Sweet which..

Bavarian Sweets

AED 50 Ex Tax: AED 50

Bavarian Sweets, the best Arabic Sweet in Abu Dhabi. A great flavors of Bavarian Sweets is the best ..

Cinnamon Tuffi

AED 50 Ex Tax: AED 50

Cinnamon great aromatic and flavoring additive makes Cinnamon Tuffi more tasty. Cinnamon Tuffi is th..

Dry Fruit Filled Dates

AED 90 Ex Tax: AED 90

Dry Fruit Filled Dates are premium Dates deseeded and filled with dry fruits like high quality Cas..

Dry Fruit Hamper

AED 250 Ex Tax: AED 250

Dry Fruit Gift Hamper for your loved one contains high quality Cashew, Almond, Pista, Fig bundled Dr..

Dry Fruit Tray

AED 200 Ex Tax: AED 200

In the Blessed Month of Ramadan gift your loved one a tray full of dry fruits and be a part of their..


AED 70 Ex Tax: AED 70

Robust flavored Mamoul is a shortbread, stuffed with dates also filled with Almonds, Pista, Walnuts...

Mini Cake Mix

AED 80 Ex Tax: AED 80

A exotic flavors and ingredients create different sizes and colors brings Mini Cake Mix is the best ..

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