Kit Kat Cakes

2 Layer Kitkat Cake

AED 250 Ex Tax: AED 250

Kitkat cake that has 2 layers its very special one among kitkat cake...

Crispy Kitkat Cake

AED 160 Ex Tax: AED 160

Experience the crispy kitkat wafers and chocolate sponge cake will always taste good..

Fudge Kitkat Cake

AED 275 Ex Tax: AED 275

Fudge Kitkat Cake topped with chocolate pebbles mix of crispy cookies, grated nuts, dark chocolate, ..

Gems and Kitkat Cake

AED 170 Ex Tax: AED 170

The cake is overloaded with Gems, KitKat chocolates and decorated with blue and red mini chocolate b..

Gems Kitkat Cake

AED 160 Ex Tax: AED 160

Gems Kitkat Cake topped with gems and surrounded by Kitkat bars, this cake is for your little one...

Happy Birthday Kitkat Cake

AED 280 Ex Tax: AED 280

Attractive Kitkat cake in good taste Rectangle Shape Cake..

Kitkat Chocolate Cake

AED 160 Ex Tax: AED 160

Kitkat Chocolate Cake in round shape, its very tasty cake ..

KitKat Gems Birthday Cake

AED 160 Ex Tax: AED 160

This is a very tasty cake and has some great features. Its a new form of KitKat cakeRound Shape Cake..

Kitkat Gems Cake

AED 270 Ex Tax: AED 270

KitKat Gems Cake is an amazing combination of kitkat chocolates and colorful gems...

Mothers Day Kitkat Cake

AED 185 Ex Tax: AED 185

Mothers day Kitkat cake in round shaped...

Strawberry Kitkat Cake

AED 165 Ex Tax: AED 165

Delicious Kitkat cake with fresh strawberries..

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