Birthday Cakes

Easter Nest Cake

AED 169 Ex Tax: AED 169

Let's celebrate your easter day with this amazing chocolate nest cake. Cake size: ..

Edible Birthday Frozen Cake

AED 190 Ex Tax: AED 190

Edible Birthday Frozen Cake in rectangle shape..

Edible Frosting Sheet Princess Cake

AED 180 Ex Tax: AED 180

This very simple design Edible Frosting Sheet Princess Cake..

Elmo Birthday Cake

AED 250 Ex Tax: AED 250

Elmo Birthday Cake in round shape, awesome elmo design with ballons on top of the cake...

Elmo Layer Cake

AED 485 Ex Tax: AED 485

Elmo Layer Cake in red and yellow color combination, 2 layered elmo cake and 1 designed on top ..

Family Birthday Cake

AED 195 Ex Tax: AED 195

Beautiful birthday cake for  beautiful family..

Flowers, Cake and Teddybear Combo Gift

AED 339 Ex Tax: AED 339

This is a very attractive combo pack that includes a heart-shaped chocolate flavor cake, teddy Small..

Fondant Character Birthday Cake

AED 325 Ex Tax: AED 325


Fondant Flowers Birthday Cake

AED 145 Ex Tax: AED 145


Fondant Hello Kitty Cake

AED 380 Ex Tax: AED 380

Very cute and beautiful kitty cake in a pink color, and a small kitty places on top...

Fortnite Cake with Grenade

AED 520 Ex Tax: AED 520

This Fortnate cake is desined by Sugar, It has a grenade on top and bullets and a tag. ..

Friend's Birthday Cake

AED 135 Ex Tax: AED 135


Frozen Birthday Cake

AED 495 Ex Tax: AED 495

2 layered Frozen Birthday Cake in nice design, some characters decorated on top of the cake..

Fruit Birthday Cake

AED 175 Ex Tax: AED 175


Fruit Birthday White Cake

AED 89 Ex Tax: AED 89

A healthy birthday cake made of fresh yummy fruits...

Fruit Dessert Birthday Cake

AED 150 Ex Tax: AED 150


Gems and Kitkat Cake

AED 225 Ex Tax: AED 225

Adorned with KitKats on the side and topped with colorful gems, this cake is loved by children all t..

Gems Kitkat Cake

AED 169 Ex Tax: AED 169

Rounded shape Cake adorned with KitKats on the side and topped with colorful gems, this cake is love..

Happy Birthday Black Forest Cake

AED 89 Ex Tax: AED 89

The Happy Birthday Black Forest cake is the perfect gift for chocolate lovers. If your child is havi..

Happy Birthday Car Design Cake

AED 340 Ex Tax: AED 340

White stylish design cake with a car and two flags top on it2Kg Sugar design cake..

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

AED 79 Ex Tax: AED 79

Its chocolate cake in nice design ..

Happy Birthday Kitkat Cake

AED 225 Ex Tax: AED 225

Get the Happy Birthday KitKat cake for the l’il ones who love the crunchy flavor and mix of chocolat..

Happy Birthday Spiderman Cake

AED 200 Ex Tax: AED 200

Happy Birthday Spiderman Cake its round shape ..

Hello Kitty Decoration Cake

AED 190 Ex Tax: AED 190

Cream design Hello Kitty Decoration Cake..

Hello Kitty Layer Cake

AED 480 Ex Tax: AED 480

This is a  two layer kitty cake in a very attractive design ..

Hello Kitty Theme Cake

AED 210 Ex Tax: AED 210

This Hello Kitty Theme Cake is fondant design. a kitty placed on the top with sugar paste and small ..

Honey Cake

AED 150 Ex Tax: AED 150

Stylish Honey Cake in round shape some fruits are arranged on top of the cake ..

Kids Photo Cake

AED 170 Ex Tax: AED 170

This Beautiful photo cake for kids, Is coming with a very simple design. also, it is very delicious ..

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Birthday Cakes in Abu Dhabi

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