Cakes For occasion

Bear Fondant Valentine Cake

AED 180 Ex Tax: AED 180

Reddish Bear Fondant Valentine Cake, bear sitting on top of the cake...

Cherry Chocolate Cake

AED 75 Ex Tax: AED 75

Cherry Chocolate cake  in round shape, Its very special in chocolate cakes...

Fruit Cake

AED 310 Ex Tax: AED 310

Stylish fruit cake in round shape..

Happy Birthday Black Forest Cake

AED 89 Ex Tax: AED 89

The Happy Birthday Black Forest cake is the perfect gift for chocolate lovers. If your child is havi..

I Love You Valentine Cake

AED 175 Ex Tax: AED 175

Reddish I Love You Valentine Cake in awesome design...

Red Velvet Birthday Cake

AED 85 Ex Tax: AED 85

Red velvet cake in round shape its very tasty cake...

Special Chocolate cake

AED 75 Ex Tax: AED 75

Its very attractive chocolate cake in good taste...

Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake

AED 145 Ex Tax: AED 145

Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake for your sweet heart..

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Cakes For Occasion in Abu Dhabi


Is it a special occasion? Then it definitely calls for a cake! The cake is the first thing that pops in our mind when it comes to celebration. Here are some occasions that shout out for a cake.

  • Happy Birthday, Cakes are the most important ritual that should never be missed.
  • Share your blessed union of love with Wedding cakes that bring good luck to all guests and couple.
  • Every day is a celebration when you are in love and it calls for a celebration with Anniversary cake be it a one month anniversary, silver jubilee or golden jubilee.
  • Celebrate your romantic love with your partner or send a message of love and affection to your family and friends through a special Valentine's Day cake.
  • Show your gratitude and love to the family. Send occasion cakes like Mothers Day cake, Fathers Day cake, Women's Day cake, or Grandparents Day cake and every special day with the best online occasion cakes available at Gift Abu Dhabi Online.
  • Congratulate new parents on their first step to parenthood with special Baby Shower cakes.
  • Celebrate your loved one's Engagement by ordering an Engagement cake and celebrate the event by cutting a lovely scrumptious cake.

If you are a cake lover and you feel like having a cake, just don't wait for an occasion order a Chocolate cake and relish your favourite flavour.