Photo Lotus Cake

AED 180 Ex Tax: AED 180

Cherry Chocolate Cake

AED 75 Ex Tax: AED 75

Happy Birthday Black Forest Cake

AED 75 Ex Tax: AED 75

White Forest Cream Cake

AED 75 Ex Tax: AED 75

Caramel Candy Cake

AED 165 Ex Tax: AED 165

Rose Flowers Chocolate Cake Combo Gift

AED 190 Ex Tax: AED 190

Fudge Kitkat Cake

AED 275 Ex Tax: AED 275

Designer Kitty Cake

AED 310 Ex Tax: AED 310

Thank You Corporate Cake

AED 330 Ex Tax: AED 330

Flowers, Cake and Teddybear Combo Gift

AED 350 Ex Tax: AED 350

Alphabet Design Cake

AED 470 Ex Tax: AED 470

Angry Bird Cake

AED 480 Ex Tax: AED 480

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